1000 Words STEM

1000 Words STEM. 

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STEM subjects are those which incorporate science, technology,

engineering, and maths. They often overlap. You need

mathematical measurements to collect the results from a science

experiment. You need to write computer programs to operate

the machines you have engineered. You need to understand the

science of forces to be a structural engineer. STEM subjects are

highly interlinked and many of the words from one subject will

be useful when learning about another.

Children will meet a lot of new words when they begin to study

STEM subjects at school. A great deal of technical vocabulary

is used in these lessons: names for pieces of equipment, names

for things we cannot see (such as forces), and words that describe

a specific property of materials (such as “opaque”). These may all

be new to children.

This book contains topics and words that children are likely

to encounter in their first few years at school. It also includes many

of the topics that fascinate children in this age group, and some

that show how STEM subjects are present in our everyday lives.

A broad vocabulary can help children to access their education

more easily. Spending time with children and talking about the

words and the illustrations in this book will expose them to more

than just the words written here, as they will encounter additional

words as part of the conversation. This book is a great place to

start your child’s STEM education.

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