Biochemical Engineering A Textbook for Engineers, Chemists and Biologists

Biochemical Engineering A Textbook for Engineers, Chemists and Biologists

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Bioengineering can be defined as the application of the various branches of

engineering, including mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, to

biological systems, including those related to medicine. Likewise, biochemical

engineering refers to the application of chemical engineering to biological

systems. This book is intended for use by undergraduates, and deals with the

applications of chemical engineering to biological systems in general. In that

respect, no preliminary knowledge of chemical engineering is assumed.

In the first edition of Biochemical Engineering, published in 2009, we attempted

to demonstrate how a typical chemical engineer would address and solve such

problems in order to facilitate an understanding by newcomers to this field of

study. In Part I of the book, we outlined some very elementary concepts of chemical

engineering for those new to the field, and in Part II, “Unit operations and

apparatus for bio-systems” were covered. Although in Part III we described applications

of biochemical engineering to bioprocesses and to other areas, this part did

not include a chapter for “Bioprocess control.” In bioindustry processes, the control

of bioreactors is essential for the production of high-quality products under

validated conditions. A fundamental understanding of process control should be

very useful for all biochemical engineers, as well as for chemical engineers.Thus,

we welcome a newcoauthor, Prof. Jun-ichiHoriuchi, who is a leading researcher in

the Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry, Kitami Institute

of Technology.

Currently, many biopharmaceuticals, which are proteins in many cases, are produced

in many bioindustry fields, and the measuring of the concentrations and

bioactivities of these products is thus becoming essential in bioindustry.We have

added a new section for “Biorecognition assay” in Chapter 11, and we explain

the fundamental aspects of biorecognition and its application for the measurement

of bioproducts at low concentrations. In this edition, we have included some

examples and some new problems to assist in the progress with learning how to

solve problem

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