Brew The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Beer at Home

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This book is for those who have never considered brewing and want to understand a bit more about beer. It is for those who have a basic grasp and a few kits under their belt, but want to iron out some flaws. And it is for those with experience who want to continue to grow. It is even for those professionals who feel stuck in their ways and want to explore a new way of doing things. This book is for all of you.

Depending on which of the above categories you fall into, you might think you want to flick through it in a slightly different way. But I implore you to read it as written, from start to finish. We are all learning all the time, and even if you think you know all the basics already, I’d love for you to find something you heartily disagree with.

After covering the basics of beer, I’m going to go through kit brewing. This is how almost everyone I know started out. Kit brewing (using those tins of sticky syrup and plastic buckets), when done properly, can produce some very good beer indeed. I’ll take you through the basic equipment and the basic ingredients you’ll get in your kit, then take you through what to do to make a good beer every single time. A few modifications, and you’ll have beer that will blow people away.

Then, we’ll move on to ‘all-grain’ brews, using just malt, hops, water and yeast. We’ll go through all the gear you need to make beer of nearly any style and just as good as any brewery in the world, and explain some of the vast variety of ingredients you can choose from. The chapter starting on Brew day dedicated to the brew day itself, is the vital one. This you should refer to over and over and over again. No step should be missed. Read the description of each step carefully and feel that you understand exactly what you’re doing. If not, read it again.

No matter how well you do, we all make mistakes, so I cover all those in my troubleshooting and off-flavour guide. This is the last section before we hit the recipes, some of which have won competitions at a national level and most of which have been drunk much too fast to make it that far.

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