Economics for Everyone

Economics for Everyone . A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism

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Introduction: Why Study Economics? 

Part One: Preliminaries

1 The Economy and Economics 

2 Capitalism

3 Economic History 

4 The Politics of Economics

The Basics of Capitalism: Work, Tools, and Profit

5 Work, Production, and Value

6 Working with Tools

7 Companies, Owners, and Profi t

8 Workers and Bosses

9 Reproduction (for Economists!)

10 Closing the Little Circle

Capitalism as a System

11 Competition 

12 Investment and Growth 

13 Employment and Unemployment 

14 Dividing the Pie 

15 Capitalism and the Environment 

Part Four: The Complexity of Capitalism

16 Money and Banking 

17 Infl ation, Central Banks, and Monetary Policy 

18 Paper Chase: Stock Markets, Financialization, and Pensions 

19 The Confl icting Personalities of Government 

20 Spending and Taxing 

21 Globalization 

22 Development (and Otherwise) 

23 Closing the Big Circle 

24 The Ups and Downs of Capitalism 

Challenging Capitalism

25 Evaluating Capitalism 305

26 Improving Capitalism 315

27 Replacing Capitalism? 324

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