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Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts by Thomas N Bulkowski

Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts by Thomas N. Bulkowski

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Candlesticks can help you become a better trader, but only if You learn how it work, know what to look for, and understand the trading setups that can bring out their best.

R11r;1clopedio of Ca11dl,•sti,k Charts can help )'OU do

all this and much more.

Follo,ving in the footsteps of aurl1or 11'1.oinas

Bulko,vski's bestselling En,yclope,tia of Ch,1rt

Patterns-and structured in rl1c same ,va;·-ti1is

easy-to-read and -use reference book takes an indepth

look at 103 candlestick tormations, from

idcnrincation gu1dclir1cs a1-id staristicaJ analysis of

tl1eir behavior co derailed trading tactics.

In each chapter of Entytlopedia of Candltslirk

Chnrl's, yota'll find:

.Behavior and Rank., ,vl1ich sho\v 110,v each

candle is thcorcrically supposed ro ,vork and ho\V

it actuall}' does 111 both, bull ????tnd beat markets,

including rankings against other candlesticks

plus the psychology behind the pattern

1denri6cation Gu1idelines: th,\t de-scribe

,vhat to look for

Statistics, ""hlch include the following tables:

general statistics, height statis-ties-1 and

volu rnc smts

Trading Tactics t1\at discuss strategies to

increase pro.fits rutd minimize risk, plus tables

of reversal rn[es and indicacors ro ianprove

perfor n1n nee

Sample Trades, ,vllich ,valk you through a

l1)'pothetic11l or actual trade using re.'11 data

For Best Perfocmanc???? a quick-reference cable

of selection tips to boost pcrforn1ance

E,,,yrlapedia of Cnudletsti,k Ch,????rts also includes

cllaprers that conrail', inlporranr discoveries,

stacist:ical su1nn1aries, a discussion of distit1ct

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