Essential Technical Analysis

Tools and Techniques to Spot Market Trends. a good introduction to technical analysis. It reads lighter then most tutorials due to the skill of the writer

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In-depth coverage includes:

  • An introduction to and rationale for the technical analysis approach
  • A discussion of the basic concepts of technical analysis: trends, trendlines, and trading
  • Price and volume basics: chart types and price scales
  • A description of the most common technical indicators–moving averages and oscillators
  • A guide to creating a market strategy with confirmation and divergences
  • Specialized forms of technical analysis and trading methods–seasonality in the markets, basic market concepts of W. D. Gann, Elliott Wave analysis, and trading systems

The goal of Essential Technical Analysis is to provide you with the most useful and practical techniques that could increase the profitability of your investing and trading activities. With this comprehensive guide at your side, you’ll learn how to use technical analysis and begin to make informed and accurate decisions that will boost your trades and investments in any market.

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