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Finance 101 for Kids Money Lessons Children Cannot Afford to Miss

101 Finance for Kids dạy các vấn đề tài chính, tiền tệ cho trẻ em từ 7 đến 12 tuổi. Sách dùng những hình ảnh đơn giản để giải thích các khái niệm tài chính ban đầu cho trẻ. Như tiền từ đâu ra, làm gì để có, kinh doanh, tín dụng, đầu tư là gì.

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What Is Finance?

Money: How Did It All Start?

How to Earn Money

A. Working for Someone
B. Working for Yourself Providing Goods or Services

The Power of Money

A. Making Your Money Work for You!
B. Money Works for Others, Too!

Introduction to Credit

A. What Is Credit?
B. The Great Things About Credit
C. The Not So Great Things About Credit

Dealing with Credit

A. Different Types of Credit
1. Credit Cards
2. Student Loans
3. Automobile Loans

B. Getting Credit
1. Character
2. Capacity

Save Your Money!

A. Why Bother to Save?
1. To Prepare for the Big Purchases
2. To Prepare for Emergencies and Unexpected Expenses

B. Budget: A Great Tool to Help You Save

C. Banking Tools to Help You Save
1. Savings Account
2. Checking Account
3. Debit Cards and ATMs
4. Certificate of Deposit

Money and Our Economy
A. Demand and Supply
B. Inflation
C. Unemployment

The Stock Market

A. What Is a Stock Market?

B. Making Money in the Stock Market
1. Share in the Profit
2. Rise in the Price of Stocks

C. The Down Side of Stock Market Investing

Money Around the World
A. What Are Currencies?
B. What Is Foreign Exchange?
C. Other Uses of Foreign Exchange

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