Float Analysis Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume

Float Analysis Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume

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Watching the Float: The New Look of Price and Volume Charts and Their Relationship to a Stock’s Future Price Direction

The Float 

A Float Turnover

The First Discovery 

Scenario One—The Smart Money and the Losing Money 

Scenario Two—The Yin and Yang of Float Analysis

The Importance of the Discovery of Float Turnovers at Bottoms and Tops

In Search of a Breakout Buy Point:

A Case History of Xicor

A Simple Random Sample Experiment 


Ten Breakthrough Discoveries

That Will Change the Way You Analyze Stock Charts 

The Multiple Float Turnover Formation

The Bottom Formation and the Top Formation 

The Base of Support within a Correction Formation

The Strong Sideways Base of Support in an Up-Trend Formation 

The Overhead Base of Support Formation

The Slow Extension Formation

The Fast Extension Formation 

The Upright Flag Formation 

The Inverted Flag Formation

The Weak Base of Support Formation 


Technicals 101:

How to Understand—and Profit from—the Indicators 

The Cumulative-Volume Float Indicators 

The Common Characteristics of Float Turnovers 


Support and Resistance Redefined:

Creating a Model of Stock Behavior That Brings Results 

The Rising Base of Support

The Descending Ceiling of Resistance 

The Changing Nature of Float Turnovers from Support to Resistance, and Vice Versa 

Unique Points of Support and Resistance in Up-Trends and Down-Trends

Support and Resistance in Multiple Turnover Sideways Bases 

Valid Breakouts.

A Strategic Challenge


Successful Strategies That Made

My Stock Portfolio Grow Tenfold in Sixteen Months 

The Mirror Image Dilemma and Its Solutions 

Playing the Upside 

Playing the Downside 

Final Strategies


A Compendium of Float Analysis Formations

Appendix B—The Dilemma of Differing Results Resolved

Trading Resource Guide—Tools for Success in Trading


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