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Fundamentals of Investments 10e

Fundamentals of Investments 10e, valuation and management.

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  • Mã sản phẩm: FU6918
  • Tình trạng: 2

To give some examples of our additional new content within individual chapters:

• Chapter 1 contains updates on historical returns for small-company stocks, large-company

stocks, long-term government bonds, and Treasury bills, as well as U.S. inflation


• Chapter 2 provides an updated calculation of margin interest to reflect the industry

standard methodology, as well as a discussion of “meme risk” with regard to short


• Chapter 4 contains an expanded treatment of exchange traded funds (ETFs), including

discussion of the latest types.

• Chapter 5 expands the section on alternative sources of public funding (crowdfunding,

ICOs) to include SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies). There is also

updated material on the organization of the NYSE.

• Chapter 6 contains an updated example featuring CVS Health Corporation.

• Chapter 7 contains a screen showing a history of earnings surprises for Under Armour,

Inc. Also included is a graph of the dramatic COVID-19 Crash of 2020.

• Chapter 9 contains a discussion of the new Secured Overnight Financing Rate

(SOFR), which is replacing the familiar London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). It

also has a brief discussion on negative government bond yields and an updated discussion

of inflation indexed TIPS bonds.

• Chapter 12 contains new discussion about tracking earnings surprises.

• Chapter 13 provides an updated calculation of the Information Ratio to match the

industry standard, as well as a new section on finding performance measures using

industry sources.

• Chapter 14 contains an explanation of futures quotes for Ultra T-Bonds. Also, the

initial spot-futures parity example is now about gold, and it expands to include storage

costs. The final spot-futures parity example is about stock indexes and the treatment

of dividends.

• Chapter 17 contains a new section on cryptocurrency and its role as an alternative


• Chapter 18 contains a new Investment Updates concerning high-yield bonds.

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