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Getting Started in Stock Analysis Illustrated Edition

Sách màu minh hoạ cách phân tích cơ bản cổ phiếu, cách đọc hiểu báo cáo tài chính. Nằm trong bộ sách Getting Started In.

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Fundamental Analysis
Financia Statements in Overview
The GAAP System
Auditing of the Books: Purpose and Process
Stockholder Reliance on the Audit
Methods of Hiding or Distorting Data 
The Regulatory Environment 
Types of Financial Statements 
Annual Reports 
Analysis: The Importance of Trends 
Simplifying the Financial Statement 

How Reliable Are the Financia Reports? 
Publicly Traded Company Reporting 
The Need for Financial Reporting 
The Value and Purpose of Fundamental Analysis 
Long-Term Trends and Ratios 
Fundamental Risks 
Contrarian Investing from a Fundamental Perspective 
Is Buy and Hold Dead? 

Balance Sheet Ratios—Testing

Working Capital 
The Balance Sheet in Review 
Flaws in the Balance Sheet 

The Importance of Footnotes 63
The Key Balance Sheet Ratios 65

Income Statement Ratios—Trends and Profits 
The Income Statement in Review 
Flaws in the Income Statement 
The Importance of Footnotes and Management’s Commentary 
The Key Income Statement Ratios 
Chapter 5: Five Key Trends Every Investor Needs 
Trend #1: The Price/Earnings Ratio (P/E) 
Trend #2: Dividend Yield and Trend #3: Dividend History 
Trend #4: Revenue and Earnings 
Trend #5: Debt Ratio 

The Annual Report and What It Reveals 
Sections of the Annual Report 
The Annual Report as a Marketing Document 
How to Use the Annual Report 

Fundamentals Not on the Statement 
Dividend Yield, Payout Ratio, and History 
Market Cap 
Contingent Liabilities and Other Liabilities 
Market Value of Long-Term Assets 
Insider Trading 
The Value of Good Management 

Technica Analysis

Theories and What They Mean 
The Dow Theory 
Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) 
Random Walk Hypothesis (RWH) 
Other Theories 

Charting and Its Value
Types of Charts 
Scaling of Chart Values 

Candlestick Basics 
Single-Session Indicators
Two-Session Indicators 
Three-Session Indicators 
Reversal and Continuation 

Trends and How to Study Them 
Trends as Indicators of Risk 
Channel Lines 
Triangles and Wedges

Moving Averages and Their Va lue 
Simple and Exponential Averages 
Duration of the Moving Average (MA) 
Double Crossover between MA Lines 
Price Crossover Signals 
Support and Resistance and MA Trends 
Bollinger Bands for Short-Term Trend Monitoring 

Price Indicators
Support and Resistance
Double Tops and Bottoms 
Head and Shoulders 
Flags and Pennants 

 Volume Indica tors 
Accumulation/Distribution (A/D) 
Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) 
Money Flow Index (MFI) 
On-Balance Volume (OBV) 

Momentum Osci llators 
The Nature of Momentum 
Relative Strength Index (RSI) 
Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) 
Stochastic Oscillator 

Confi rmation, the Key to Ti ming 
What Confirmation Is Not 
Proximity and Strength of the Signal 
Setting Rules for Yourself

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