Help Your Kids with Geography A Unique Step-By-Step Visual Guide

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Help Your Kids with Geography A Unique Step-By-Step Visual Guide by DK 


There is no bigger subject than geography – because it is about the whole world!

Geography is one of the major subjects in the school curriculum around the world. This is because we generally agree how important it is for everyone to have some knowledge and understanding of the world, and how the world works.

A passion for geography demonstrates a real curiosity about the workings of our wonderful planet, and this is a great advantage in today’s fast-changing world.

This book sets out to explain the essentials of the subject and helps parents help their kids with their geography homework. It covers the key areas taught in schools and will refresh the memory of parents who haven’t studied the subject since they were in school.

Geography is not just an accumulation of facts and figures. The subject tackles a range of ideas, some of which are complicated: tectonic plates, weathering and erosion, and ecosystems, and some that are constantly developing: globalization, sustainability, and climate change. All these concepts are about our natural world, how human beings relate to each other, and how people and their environment interact.

Help Your Kids with Geography is like no other geography book. It is packed full of the information you need to make sense of the world.

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