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How to be a Maths Whizz

How to be a Maths Whizz. Sách hình ảnh giúp các em giỏi toán bằng những trò chơi và ứng dụng đơn giản. Đây là phiên bản 2020.



  • 160,000đ
  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: HOW150836
  • Tình trạng: 2

I was excited to write this book and share my love of maths with you. It’s something that has fascinated me since I was your age and continues to amaze me with every new thing I learn.

Maths is about solving problems and being creative. The world is full of problems waiting to be solved. Many people around the world work as scientists, engineers, technologists, and in hospitals – all of them use maths skills to help people and create solutions. I hope you’ll be able to use your creativity as you try the activities packed into this book.

As you turn the pages you’ll realise that maths isn’t just about the classroom or homework. It’s all over our world and is done by almost everyone every day. The food you eat, the buildings you visit, and your body itself – all are made possible by a fantastic balance of mathematics. Maths shows up everywhere.

Before you get started, I have one special request for you. When you learn a cool new bit of maths, read about an amazing person, or build something new from this book, share it with your friends and family. Help them be maths whizzes with you! Have conversations with the people around you whenever and wherever you see maths. Keep talking and thinking about it –maybe one day you’ll get to write a book about it too. Anyone can be a maths whizz. Let’s get you started!

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