How to Beat Wall Street

How to Beat Wall Street. Everything You Need to Make Money in the Markets. Plus 20 Trading System Ideas

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Trading philosophies Different types of traders Central banks Keynes: Macroeconomics and expectations What is inflation? The typical market cycle Assessing market cycles using indicators Investing in money markets Investing in bonds How the trade balance affects currency prices Getting started in bonds, stocks, forex and commodities


Methods to time the market Advanced timing methods How to trade long-term trends in the stock market How to develop your own indicators How to use momentum investing to your advantage Dollar cost averaging


Money management Trading psychology


How to beat the professionals at their own game Diversification…again The magic of compounding The effect of news releases on the markets How to trade non-farm payrolls How to buy the rumor, sell the fact Another approach to trading the news The sharing community and trading with social networks Safe havens for your money How to avoid blowing up in the stock market Some more trading secrets Some tips from the top


What is Technical Analysis? How to day trade using pivot points How to trade with Japanese candlesticks How to trade with Bollinger bands How to trade pullback patterns How to use the MACD indicator How to use the RSI indicator How to use the DMI indicator Positive volume index Trend following with moving averages Different types of moving averages Williams percent range (WPR) oscillator How to trade parabolic moves How to use the average true range Some final tips for technical analysis traders

TRADING SYSTEMS Why use a trading system? Measuring system performance Getting started on your trading system Trading system 1: Moving average crossover Trading System 2: Four weeks up in a row Trading System 3: Trading the noise Trading System 4:Trading the noise plus shorts Trading system 5: Trading gradients Trading system 6: Dollar cost averaging Trading system 7: Donchian style breakout Trading system 8: Breakout with EMA confirmation Trading system 9: Trend following with the TEMA Trading system 10: Bull/Bear fear Trading system 11: Simple RSI with equity curve filter Trading system 12: The range indicator (TRI) Trading system 13: Volatility breakout with Bollinger Bands and chande VPI Trading system 14: Trading the gap Trading system 15: RSI with the VIX Trading system 16: Trading the TED Trading system 17: Simple MACD with EMA filter Trading system 18: Cherry picking penny stocks with EMA crossover Trading system 19: Using the Commitment of traders (COT) report Trading system 20: Finding cheap stocks with linear regression and average true range


Resources and links Best of the blog and bonus material Investment scams to avoid Types of orders How to take advantage of the carry trade What is the effect of hot money on the economy? How to spot a currency crisis Using the martingale technique How to choose the best forex broker What is a forex expert advisor? 10 tips and tricks for using Metatrader 4

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