How to trade in stocks Jessy Livermore

How to trade in Stock Jessy Livermore. His own words: The Jesse Livermore ecret trading formula for understanding timing, money management, and emotional control

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Challenge of Speculation

When Does a Stock Act Right?

Follow the Leaders

Money in the Hand

The Pivotal Point

Toe Million Dollar Blunder

Three Million Dollar Profit

Chapter8 TDTTuningSecrets 

Tuning-Understanding Industry Group Action

(IDl) Top Down Trading

(TI) Tandem Trading-Sister Stocks

(RPP) Understanding Reversal Pivotal Points

(CPP) Evaluating Continuation Pivotal Points

(S) Spikes

(ODR) One Day Reversals

(BONH) Breakout on a New High

(BOCB) Breakouts From a Consolidating Base

(V) Understand Volume

Stocks Have Personalities

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