Mary Berry and Lucy Young Cook Up a FEAST

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To get your feast off to a flying start, we begin with a chapter on Party bites—the mouthwatering mouthfuls you serve with drinks. Following hot on its heels there’s a selection of Starters, then a chapter on Special main courses. We’ve long been fans of the kind of casual gathering where various people bring along a dish. It’s a style of entertaining that’s now so popular it’s got its own name—the Potluck party—and in that chapter we give you a collection of all-in-one dishes that are ideal for preparing ahead and transporting to your chosen venue. Buffets are another classic way of entertaining and we’ve teamed our buffet recipes with those for Bowl parties, a new kind of get-together, where guests can tuck into hearty food served in individual bowls. Italian food is such a perennial crowd-pleaser, it seemed only fitting to devote an entire chapter to it, while in Summer in the Backyard you’ll find our favorite dishes for picnics, barbecues, and other al fresco meals. The finale to any feast is the dessert, so toward the back of the book there’s a selection of Desserts with that all-important wow factor. Which leaves just one meal uncatered for—snack time. There are so many occasions when a cup of tea or coffee and a choice of sweet and savory treats hit exactly the right note. The recipes in Snacks for a Crowd are just the ticket.

To take the effort out of estimating quantities, for the vast majority of recipes we give a list of ingredients to serve six and a list of ingredients to serve 12, with notes on any special equipment you’ll need. And because celebrations are often larger than that, throughout the book we flag up dishes that are particularly suitable for cooking for a dozen people upward.

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