Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites

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Home cooking, for me, is all about sharing my love of food with family and friends. However, people are finding it harder to fit a nutritious home-cooked meal into their busy lives.

These recipes, I hope, will inspire you to cook some of my favourite recipes. From light suppers to hearty family meals, and from recipes that cater for more adventurous tastes, to traditional rustic dishes, there will be something for everyone in this special collection of my kitchen favourites.

I start with a selection of tasty soups and starters that are foolproof ways to start off any meal: French Onion Soup and Swiss Double-Cheese Soufflés are all quicker to make than you’d think. Soup is economical too – try doubling the batch you make and take it to work in a flask for a cheap and nutritious lunch.

My recipes are foolproof and build your confidence as a home cook, so you can’t go wrong with the next chapter on fish and seafood. Keep it simple with Crispy-topped Seafood Pie or impress your guests with Lobster Tails with Mango & Lime.

When it comes to preparing quick evening meals my poultry and meat chapter is full of delicious recipes, with new and exotic dishes from around the world, as well as those old favourites such as Beef Bourguignon and Lancashire Hot Pot.

Next comes an essential vegetarian chapter. Vegetarian food can so often be dull and predictable, so I’ve carefully chosen a variety of imaginative and nutritious dishes to cater for the strictest of diets. The Vegetarian Bakes and Casseroles are great if you are entertaining as they are perfect for the vegetarian main course, but the meat eaters will also enjoy a spoonful or two alongside their own main course. Indian and oriental cuisine, with its aromatic and pungent spices, lends itself particularly well to vegetables. Try serving a selection of these dishes alongside rice and breads.

When it comes to fast food, you can’t get quicker than pasta and rice. I’ve dedicated a chapter to my favourite pasta and rice dishes – natural convenience foods that are quick to prepare and incredibly versatile. For a simple supper, rustle up Tuna and Fennel Pasta Bake or Risotto al Verde.

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