Master Traders

Strategies for Superior Returns from Today’s Top Traders.

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INTRODUCTION Trader Evolution and the Keys to Success

Greg Collins 1

PART I Technical Analysis

CHAPTER 1 Playing with Fear and Arrogance

Jeff deGraaf 13

CHAPTER 2 Sector Analysis: Tools of the Trade

Frank Barbera 27

CHAPTER 3 Evaluating Probabilities to

Improve Profitability

Kevin Tuttle 60

CHAPTER 4 The Secret Science of Price and Volume

Tim Ord 87

PART II Fundamental Analysis

CHAPTER 5 The Keys to Biotech Investing

David Miller 109

CHAPTER 6 Investigative Investing: Themes and

Methods for Uncovering Value

Kai-Teh Tao

PART III Sentiment

CHAPTER 7 The Secret Messages of Equity and

Options Markets

Fari Hamzei 139

CHAPTER 8 Trading Seasonality

Phil Erlanger 158

PART IV Derivatives

CHAPTER 9 Volatility and Its Importance to

Option Investors

Alex Jacobson 183

CHAPTER 10 A New Options Game: The Market Taker

Jon “Doctor J” Najarian 205

PART V Trading Size

CHAPTER 11 Making Sense of Market Moves:

Using Technical and Fundamental

Analysis Together

Jeffrey Spotts 223

CHAPTER 12 New World Trading of Old World Markets:

European Derivatives

Timothy Corliss 242

CHAPTER 13 Options Applications to Pairs Trading

Dennis Leontyev 263

EPILOGUE Beyond the Horizon

Fari Hamzei 284

About the Author 292


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