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Từ khóa: teen, business, street smart, mafia, mob, rules, lession


Mob Rules What the Mafia Can Teach The Legitimate Businessman Louis Ferrante

Luật Băng Đảng, Những bài học kinh doanh từ tổ chức Mafia. Cung cấp một kiến thức thực tế trong môi trường cạnh tranh khắc nghiệt. Là những bài học street smart cần thiết khi bước vào kinh doanh.

Đặt in thành sách tại HoaXanh, xem sách in mẩu trong video bên dưới.

  • 100,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: TEEN
  • Tình trạng: 2


LESSON 1 - Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse: A Surefire Way to Get
LESSON 2 - It’s the Principle!: When to Make a Point
LESSON 3 - Why Are the Mobsters in the Newspapers So Old?: Love What You
Do and ...
LESSON 4 - Hide Your Gun and Help the Old Man Across the Street: Family
LESSON 5 - The Mob Doesn’t Take Notes: Sharpen Your Memory
LESSON 6 - Don’t End Up in the Trunk of a Car: Avoiding Office Politics
LESSON 7 - Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are Dead: Trust
LESSON 8 - Why Italians Cut Up Pigs and Cook Them in the Sauce: Greed
LESSON 9 - It’s Good to Go to a Funeral as Long as It’s Not Yours: The Power
of Networking
LESSON 10 - Ole Blue Eyes: Why Mobsters Love Sinatra
LESSON 11 - Turning Garbage into Gold: Sniffing Out Opportunity
LESSON 12 - Roll Up Your Sleeves but Keep Your Pants On
LESSON 13 - The Walls Have Ears: Never Bad-Mouth the Boss
LESSON 14 - Did You Wash Your Car or Screw It in the Muffler?: Verbal Skills
LESSON 15 - Count On Yourself and You’ll Never Be Counted Out
LESSON 16 - How Luciano Became Lucky: Make Your Own Luck
LESSON 17 - The Bank of Favors Pays the Highest Interest
LESSON 18 - Why “The Chin” Wore Pajamas to Work: When to Play Dumb
LESSON 19 - The School of Hard Knocks: Experience

LESSON 20 - Is This Phone Tapped?: Watch What You Say Every Day
LESSON 21 - He Should Kill Gus Farace or Kill Himself: Respecting the Chain
of Command
LESSON 22 - Go Get Your Own Coffee!: Respecting the Chain of Command
Without ...
LESSON 23 - Kill or Be Killed: When to Defy Orders
LESSON 24 - Plato—Didn’t He Own a Swingers’ Club?: Be Informed
LESSON 25 - I Want My Fucking Money: Paying Promptly
LESSON 26 - Don’t Tip Your Hand: When to Keep Quiet
LESSON 27 - Capone, Harvard, and Yale: The Key to Growth
LESSON 28 - The Bug and the Jaguar: Patience
LESSON 29 - Stick Your Handouts Up Your . . . : Cultivate Aggressiveness
LESSON 30 - Be the Master of Your Own Fate, Not a Master of Disguises

LESSON 31 - Bacon, Lettuce, and DeMeo: You’re Responsible for Your Crew
LESSON 32 - How to Hit Your Target Without a Gun: Motivating Your People
LESSON 33 - Let’s Meet in the Back for a Sit-down: Mediating Disputes and
the ...
LESSON 34 - When to Take a Bullet for the Boss
LESSON 35 - Why Hit Men Tell Jokes over a Dead Body: Bonding with
LESSON 36 - Nino Gaggi’s Magic Bullet: The Mob Never Kills a Good Idea
LESSON 37 - Toss the Dice High: Dealing with Unreasonable Ultimatums
LESSON 38 - How to Bury the Hatchet—but Not in Someone’s Head
LESSON 39 - Take That Stone from My Shoe: Firing and Hiring
LESSON 40 - The Toughest Guys Have the Thinnest Skin: Never Embarrass
Someone ...
LESSON 41 - The Mafia Isn’t Turning Yellow, but Going Green: Keeping Up
with ...
LESSON 42 - Flashiness Can End in the Flash of a Gun: Modesty
LESSON 43 - Why a Mobster Makes His Son Pull the Trigger: Confidence
LESSON 44 - Seize the Bull by the Horns—and Rip Off Its Balls: The Fast and

LESSON 45 - Just Get the Job Done!: Flexibility
LESSON 46 - We Shot Him Twelve Times and He Lived: Most Problems Take
Care of Themselves
LESSON 47 - Aye, You Know Who My Uncle Is?: Everyone Is Important
LESSON 48 - What Am I, a Gavone?: What People Really Think About You
LESSON 49 - Play the Fence and You’re Sure to Fall Off
LESSON 50 - Italians Talk with Their Hands: Body Language
LESSON 51 - Deliver the Goods: Stand Behind Your Name
LESSON 52 - Fireproof Your Ass: Never Let Anyone Light a Flame Under You
LESSON 53 - Go to Bat for Your Guys: Loyalty to Your Employees
LESSON 54 - Rest in Peace—in a Lakeside Cabin, Not an Early Grave: Taking a
LESSON 55 - Don’t Split Yourself in Half: The Wrong Decision Is Better Than
LESSON 56 - New Orleans Wasn’t Built in a Day
LESSON 57 - Bugsy and Bacchus: The Lessons of History
LESSON 58 - Time to Go: How to Leave the Organization

LESSON 59 - You Gotta Know When to Fold ’em: Controlling Your Ambition
LESSON 60 - It’s Strictly Business: Friends or Enemies?
LESSON 61 - The Mafia Spends Very Little on Office Supplies: Cutting
LESSON 62 - Social Clubs Have Solid Steel Doors—That Are Always Open:
An ...
LESSON 63 - Don’t Bother Me Now!: The Value of Interruptions
LESSON 64 - The Bail Money’s in the Bedside Drawer: Get It Right Ahead of
LESSON 65 - Don’t Build Yankee Stadium, Just Supply the Concrete: Spotting
New Rackets
LESSON 66 - Give the IRS Their Vig: What We’ve Learned from Al Capone
LESSON 67 - Victory Without Follow-up Is Like Pasta Without Dessert: Crisis
LESSON 68 - The Power of an Elite Circle: Why the Mob Opens and Closes the

LESSON 69 - Give the Spic Bastard a Call!: Hiring the Best Person, Regardless
LESSON 70 - A Little Give and Take: Hospitality
LESSON 71 - Tip the Coat Check: Charity
LESSON 72 - Eat, Drink, and Be Productive: The Only Bribe I’ll Advise You to
LESSON 73 - I’m Comin’ on the Heist Tonight: The Hands-on Boss
LESSON 74 - A Tough Guy Has Balls. A Smart Guy Has Crystal Balls:
LESSON 75 - Never Underestimate Your Opponent
LESSON 76 - Who Is Your Opponent?
LESSON 77 - Don’t Shoot a Rising Star: Neutralizing Potential Opponents
LESSON 78 - They Can Take It in the Ass on My Dance Floor: Don’t Let
Opinions ...
LESSON 79 - Choosing Your Consigliere
LESSON 80 - Why Frankie Fever Don’t Believe the Hype
LESSON 81 - I Got an Inside Guy: Staying Up on the Competition
LESSON 82 - Hide Your Money Under the Mattress: Stay Cash Heavy
LESSON 83 - Poverty Sucks. Or Does It?
LESSON 84 - The Mafia Is a Brand Name: When to Franchise
LESSON 85 - It’s Good to Be King: But No One Is Above the Law
LESSON 86 - Guys Like Us, Guys Like Them: Stick with What You Know
LESSON 87 - Marcus Aurelius Was a Great Emperor, but That Doesn’t Mean
His Son ...
LESSON 88 - Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis . . . and Beware of Hubris

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