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Moods and Markets

Moods and Markets, A New Way to Invest in Good Times and in Bad.

  • 85,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: MO1690
  • Tình trạng: 1

Moods and Markets should be a must read for investors, regulators, and students of financial crises. It provides an insightful roadmap on how poor decisions get made and how to avoid or minimize making such mistakes.

If you want to understand the ‘why’ behind financial market performance, as well as the ‘what next,’ you will want to read this book. I have observed Peter Atwater at work for 25 years in the financial services industry, and the common element in his many successes is his ability to break down the complex to the simple by not thinking conventionally. He has done this again by adopting and adapting a socionomic framework to help explain market behavior and much more. This book should be read not just by executives, advisors, and investors, but also by anyone curious about the driving forces behind legislative and regulatory activity through market cycles. I have learned over the years that one ignores Peter’s authentic analyses at the peril of joining the ranks of the regretful self-assured.

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