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Từ khóa: Natural Beauty, Natural makeup, smoothing therapies, homemade preparations


Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty, Natural makeup, smoothing therapies, homemade preparations. Sách hình ảnh giúp tạo ra vẽ đẹp tươi trẻ bằng các liệu pháp tự nhiên. Sách trình bày chi tiết công dụng của từng loại thảo dược khác nhau và cách chuẩn bị tinh dầu từ các thảo dược này. 

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  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: NAT150055
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Ask the question “what is beauty?” and you’ll get a multitude of different answers. Everybody has a theory. In fact, mankind has been searching for the answer for a long time. The truth is, throughout your life, your own concept of beauty will change. What was appropriate for you at one age or stage of life may not be appropriate at another.

A revolution seeks to redefine beauty as natural and holistic, and more reflective of our needs, emotions, and perceptions. This leaves behind a static, one-size-fits-all philosophy and embraces a broader appreciation of diverse human beings of all ages and cultures. It has also triggered a movement away from synthetic and mass-produced beauty products made from polluting and increasingly scarce petrochemical ingredients, to those made from safe and sustainable natural substances. As many of us become environmentally aware, we know that there is no real beauty if the means to achieve it are ugly. Animal testing, toxic industrial chemicals, avoidable waste, science experiments such as GMO or nanotechnology that turn customers into lab rats, and lies on the labels are all ugly. Our increasing interest in natural beauty, which mirrors an increased awareness of being environmentally friendly, is a positive and inspiring cultural shift, and a valuable alternative to plastic beauty. Concern for what we put in our bodies, and a recent trend for natural and wholesome foods, extends into concern for what we are applying to our bodies. It is hard to feel healthy when one subsists on a diet of refined and highly processed junk food. It is just as hard to feel beautiful when one uses ”junk” beauty products, made with petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances that some studies say disrupt the body’s hormonal or nervous systems, cause cancer, provoke allergies, or cause harm to your unborn baby.

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