Professional Cooking Seventh Edition

Professional Cooking Seventh Edition.

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Each new edition of Professional Cooking, including this one, has incorporated new material reflecting these changes while retaining its focus on the center of a chef’s training—the comprehensive understanding of ingredients and basic food preparation procedures, and the development of manual skills to apply this knowledge.

More than 200 new photographs were added throughout the book, illustrating in even more detail the essential techniques and procedures of a chef’s craft as well as finished dishes, key ingredients, and equipment.

Close to 100 new recipes are included, reflecting the increasing diversity of dishes in North American cuisine.

International and regional cuisines receive increased attention. New material brings the total of international recipes to approximately 130. These recipes are indicated by a globe (see icon at right) in both the text and the Recipe Contents, beginning on page ix. New sidebars throughout the text give background information on these recipes and the cuisines and cultures they come from.

Core recipes are those specifically designed to

illustrate and reinforce basic cooking techniques,

and are indicated by a chef’s hat (see

icon at right). They are placed where appropriate

throughout the book.

As with the previous edition, important information

devoted to vegetarianism and cooking

for the various types of vegetarian diets is

included. Recipes suitable for a vegetarian diet

are indicated by the new symbol shown here.

Food science gets expanded treatment. Chefs are making ever

more use of scientific principles to cook with greater precision.

Culinary math is often a difficult subject for students. The

explanations of the calculations needed in the kitchen were

revised for greater clarity and detail.

Sanitation and safety information is more detailed and up

to date, in keeping with current Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) and Conference for Food Protection (CFP) standards.

Techniques of sous vide cooking are introduced, with emphasis

on safety factors.

An introduction to the avant-garde techniques of molecular

gastronomy was added, with recipes to illustrate significant

techniques. Of course it would take volumes to do justice to

such a large and expanding subject, but the material here

gives students a taste of an important new trend.

To aid study and comprehension, “Key Points to Review” were

added at strategic points in each chapter.

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