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Từ khóa: Profitable Day and Swing Trading


Profitable Day and Swing Trading Using Price Volume Surges and Pattern Recognition to Catch Big Move in Stock Market

Các hình mẩu phân tích kỹ thuật kết hợp Volume giúp nhận biết sự đảo chiều xu hướng lớn trên thị trường tài chính chứng khoán.

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I have found over the several decades I’ve been actively trading that technical analysis is a long-term learning process. Unfortunately, many of the best traders I know had to learn from making mistakes earlier in their trading careers! The key to trading is to review every trade after it’s completed to see why decisions were made, what resulted, and what lessons can be learned from those trades. Only then can you really benefit and learn from your own educational process. Use it! I am astounded how many traders do not do this and continue to make the same mistakes over and over, eventually blowing themselves out of the market with a major percent of their capital wiped out. The purpose of this book is to teach traders not only about my technical analysis skills and how to use them for profitable trading, but also how one must be disciplined, using rules and stops to protect trading capital, at all times. The challenge is to always preserve your capital with protection so you can trade another day!

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