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Project Management for Dummies

Học cách quản lý dự án dành cho người mới bắt đầu. Cách hoàn thành công việc trong thời gian và ngân sách cho phép. Đây là kỹ năng cần cho những bạn mới bắt đầu đi làm.

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Understanding Expectations (The Who, What, and Why of Your Project)

Project Management: The Key to Achieving Results

Clarifying What You’re Trying to Accomplish — and Why

Knowing Your Project’s Audience: Involving the Right People

Developing Your Game Plan: Getting from Here to There


Determining When and How Much

You Want This Project Done When?

Establishing Whom You Need, How Much, and When

Planning for Other Resources and Developing the Budget

Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty


Putting Your Team Together

Aligning the Key Players for Your Project

Defining Team Members’ Roles and Responsibilities

Starting Your Team Off on the Right Foot


Steering the Ship: Managing Your Project to Success

Tracking Progress and Maintaining Control

Keeping Everyone Informed

Encouraging Peak Performance by Providing Effective Leadership

Bringing Your Project to Closure


Taking Your Project Management to the Next Level

Managing Multiple Projects

Using Technology to Up Your Game

Improving Individual and Organizational Skills and Practices

Monitoring Project Performance with Earned Value Management


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