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Quantum Trading Using Principles from W D Gann and Modern Physics to Forecast the Financial Markets

The Birth of Quantum Trading: How Einstein’s Theories and Quantum Particles Affect Your Daily Trading.

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  • Thương hiệu: Wiley
  • Mã sản phẩm: QUA100529
  • Tình trạng: 2

The Birth of Quantum Trading: How Einstein’s Theories and Quantum Particles Affect Your Daily Trading

A Lesson in Elementary Physics

P-Space: A Quantum Trading Tool


How to Psychologically Prepare for Successful Trading

Life Goals and Quantum Strategies

Are Porsches and Supermodels Everything in Life?

How Do You Play the Game of Life?

Building Powerful Strategies Is the Key to Success

Creating Momentum in Life

Crossing the Bridge


Quantum Trading 101

A Glimpse at Some Technical Analysis Problems

Making Money with Quantum Price Lines

Trading Rules of Thumb


Sun Spots, Geomagnetic Storms, and the Stock Market

Defining Sun Spots and Geomagnetic Storms 53

Proposed Trading Strategies 58


P-Space Structure and Quantum Trading Algorithms

Calculating a QPL 66

Calculating a QPL’s Subharmonics 70

Examples of Powerful QPLs and QPLSHs 72

Not All QPLs Are Alike 73

Trading with Intraday QPLs 76


The Life and Contributions of W. D. Gann: A Forerunner of Quantum Trading

An Uncanny Master of Trading Interested in Atoms and Electrons 

Gann’s Theory of Stock Market Cycles 


Chaos Theory and Gann Angles

How Gann Angles Originated 

The Fall of the Stock Exchange in 2000 


Money Management Strategies 

Why Some Traders Have Big Losses 

The Dangers of the “Average Loss” Strategy 

Noise, Hot Rumors, and Recommendations to Buy 


Entelechy: The Most Powerful Quantum Trading Concept

General Properties of Quantum Entelechy 109

QPL Entelechy 109

Angular Entelechy 113

Mapping and Trapping 114


Forecasting Tops and Bottoms Using QPLs and Subharmonics

Forecasting a Top 116

Forecasting a Bottom 123

QPLSH Rule for 180-Degree Angles and 90-Degree Angles 127


Time Algorithms in Quantum Trading

Peculiarities of Time Algorithms 138

Forecasting Tops and Bottoms with TAs 145

Time Algorithms’ Golden Rules 152

CHAPTER 12 How to Use All the Trading

Tools Together 155

CHAPTER 13 How to Use Options: Unlimited

Gains with Little Risk 171

Options Defined 171

Calls and Puts: Two Sides of the Option Universe 176

Strike Prices with Respect to the Underlying Price 176

The Components of an Option Premium 178

Intrinsic Value and Time Value 181

The Greeks: Fundamental Parameters of Options 187

CHAPTER 14 Options Strategies with Quantum

Trading Tools 201

QPLSHs: A Powerful Indicator to Buy and Sell Options 201

Volatility-Based Spreads 205

CHAPTER 15 A Toast to a New Achievement

in Trading 211

Conclusion: Making Peace with Mr. Market 217

Acknowledgments 221

About the Author 223

Index 225

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