Scientists Who Changed History

Scientists Who Changed History

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Throughout history, humans have always been driven to understand the workings of the world. In their quest for knowledge, philosophers in ancient Greece were the first to try to explain what they observed. However, many of their ideas were inaccurate, as their philosophical method lacked any experimental evidence. Thales of Miletus in the 6th century bce, for example, proposed that water is the primary substance of the cosmos, as he had realized that water is essential for life and that it exists on land, sea, and in the air. Two centuries later, Aristotle wrote widely on scientific subjects, from physics and biology to astronomy, laying the foundations for much of the work that has followed. However, he also made fundamental errors, such as arguing that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones, because he relied on thought and argument rather than empirical proof. Despite being some distance from a reliable scientific method—in which a hypothesis is proposed, systematically tested, and evaluated on the strength of the results—the early thinkers made vital findings. Halley’s comet was observed in China in 240 bce, and some 300 years later, Zhang Heng explained eclipses and drew up an extensive catalog of stars.

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