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The Business of the 21st Century

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We live in troubled times. The last few years have brought us a steady parade of fear and panic in the headlines, boardrooms, and kitchen tables across America. Globalization, outsourcing, downsizing, foreclosures, subprime mortgages and credit default swaps, ponzi schemes, Wall Street fiascoes, recession … it’s just one piece of bad news after another. During the first few months of 2009, U.S. company layoffs reached about a quartermillion per month. As I write this in late 2009, unemployment is at 10.2 percent and still rising, and underemployment (where your job stays in place but your hours and pay are drastically cut back) is even worse. The rampant decline in gainful employment is a ravaging epidemic to which few are immune. From executives and middle managers to administration employees and blue-collar workers, from bankers to retail clerks, all are at risk. Even the healthcare industry, until recently considered a job-safe zone, is trimming away significant chunks of its workforce.

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