The ETF Handbook

How to Value and Trade Exchange Traded Funds 2nd edition. DAVID J. ABNER

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The number of available exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the quantity of assets underlying them has been growing exponentially in recent years. For the future growth of the industry it is important for new users of these products to understand how to execute trades in the broad range of ETFs. Educating a new and expanding client base has become a universal endeavor among ETF issuers. Even the largest ETF providers in the industry have products that do not trade the high volumes of the few most popular products. In order for the client base to utilize the broader range of available products, it needs to understand how efficient executions are achieved. Understanding the proper methods of valuing and trading ETFs will enable investors to expand their product usage. It will enable the trading community to provide the services necessary to nurture the future growth of this young industry. The ETF Handbook presents both the tools necessary for valuing these funds and the concepts required for trading and executing ETF order flow. This information is important for traders and for the investor base.

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