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The Global Macro Edge

Cuốn sách nói về những công cụ và kỹ thuật của John Netto để giải quyết các vấn đề mà nhà đầu tư, nhà giao dịch, cố vấn dịch vụ tài chính hay gặp phải.

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in The Global Macro Edge, John Netto pulls back the curtain to reveal the tools and techniques he's used (and created) to identify and solve the largest problems facing investors, traders, and financial advisors today at a level of transparency rarely seen in books on investing.

The Global Macro Edge includes chapters from a talented team of market practitioners as it details how to maximize return per unit-of-risk. And, in the process, it shatters some of the longest held investment myths:

  • More risk equals more return
  • Money always find its most efficient home
  • Emotions are your enemy
  • Diversification is the only strategy you need
  • Today's markets offer fewer opportunities
  • Compensation should be based on returns

The Global Macro Edge presents a logical and robust investment framework that can help investors, traders, and financial advisors profitably navigate global markets by enhancing their operations, analytics, and execution.

Introduction John Netto

The Foundation for Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk

Money Does Not Always Find Its Most Efficient Home PHASE I. REGIME RECOGNITION

More Risk Does Not Always Equal More Return – Jason Roney

Unit-of-Risk Ratios – A New Way to Assess Alpha

Identifying Inflection Points in the Business Cycle – Raoul Pal

Identifying Capital Flows in Financial Markets – Fotis Papatheofanous

Creating an Environment for Identifying the Regime PHASE II. STRATEGY CREATION

Chassis of the Financial Markets – William Glenn

DiNapoli Leading Indicator Techniques for Trading Global Markets – Joe DiNapoli

Understanding Animal Spirits Using Elliott Wave Principles – Todd Gordon

Using Options to Trade the Macro Narrative – Neil Azous 

“Dirty Arbitrage” Spread Trading Asset Classes Around the World – Patrick Hemminger 

Mean Reversion Strategies – The Trend Isn’t Always Your Friend

Finding the Follow-Up Trade to a Catalyst Event PHASE III. IMPLEMENTATION

Diversification Isn’t Enough – Spotting the Paradigm Shift – Bob Savage

Trading the Economic Calendar: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach – Jessica Hoversen Chapter 18. How to Quantify and Visualize Market Positioning

Emotions Are Our Greatest Ally, Not Our Biggest Enemy

The MPACT! of Automation 

Risk Budgets – The X Factor in Investing

Paying for Returns in Context: Manager Compensation Based on Return per Unit-of-Risk

Where Do We Go From Here?

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