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The Holy Grail of Investing Tony Robbins

The Holy Grail of Investing Tony Robbins. The world's greatest investors reveal their ultimate strategies for financial freedom. How the smart money uses alternative investments to win in any market.

  • 130,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: TH9761
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In this book, Tony Robbins brings his unique talent for making the complex simple as he distills the concepts of the best investors in the world into practical lessons that will benefit both naïve investors and skilled professionals.

This book is not the typical financial book in any way. It is packed with wisdom and vital philosophies to enrich your life. A lot of books out there have more sizzle than steak to offer. Tony’s is different. This book will change your life.

In this book, Tony masterfully weaves anecdote and expertise to simplify the process of investing for readers—priming their financial education and helping them effectively plan for their future.

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