The Practical Astronomer Explore the Wonders of the Night Sky

The Practical Astronomer Explore the Wonders of the Night Sky. Explore the wonders of the night sky.

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Humans have gazed up at the sparkling stars since time immemorial, trying to understand this immense, untouchable extension of our natural surroundings.

In ancient times, the unknowable nature of space was cause for both wonder and fear. Eclipses were viewed with terror: why was the Sun slowly disappearing, the sky darkening, and the air turning colder? Even now, ancient superstitions remain in many cultures around the world regarding eclipses and comets. It seems that no matter how much science and technology demystifies space, the human consciousness continues to be fascinated by it. Our interests fall across many disciplines: as well as exploring the chemistry and physics of the stars and galaxies, we are looking for answers to more philosophical questions about the beginning of the Universe and the possibility of life beyond our planet. And always we are aware of the sheer beauty of the Universe’s celestial objects—many of the images taken by telescopes such as Hubble are breathtakingly artistic.

Whatever your reason for wanting to stargaze, your starting point is to find out what there is to see, when to look, and how to find it. Of course space does not always play a set-timetable game; a comet, for example, can appear unexpectedly in the sky, but there are a multitude of astronomers with telescopes trained on the skies every night who will quickly alert the world about the event via the Internet. This book will help you become a valuable part of that astronomical community. The first part of the book explains the kinds of objects you’ll be looking at, such as planets, stars, and nebulae, and shows how to navigate around the night sky, treating it as a sphere. This is followed by practical considerations when buying and using telescopes, together with information on sketching and astrophotography to help you record your observations. The book then focuses on what you will be seeing, providing maps of the constellations, starhopping charts, and detailed information on the planets and stars of our own galaxy. Once you get started, you’ll be surprised at how much you can find and understand in the night sky. Within just a short time you will be able to find planets, identify stars, track movements, find constellations, and even begin starhopping from one constellation to another. Good luck on your stargazing quest.

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