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The Real Book of Real Estate Robert Kiyosaki

The Real Book of Real Estate Robert Kiyosaki, real experts real stories real life. Conquer financial fear creat your financial future, with 22 of his trusted real estate experts.

  • 190,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: TH9355
  • Tình trạng: 2

PART 1: The Business of Real Estate

1 The Business of Real Estate, Tom Wheelwright 5

2 A Real Estate Attorney’s View of Assembling and Managing Your

Team, Charles W. Lotzar 29

3 The Way to Exotic Wealth, Wayne Palmer 53

4 Profits from the Ground Up, Ross McCallister 71

5 Master Your Universe, Craig Coppola 89

6 10 Rules for Real Estate Asset Protection, Garrett Sutton 108

7 Of Marbles and Capital, Wayne Palmer 133

8 How to Avoid and Handle Real Estate Disputes, Bernie Bays 152

PART 2: Your Real Estate Project

9 Buy by the Acre, Sell by the Foot: Understanding Real Needs,

Financial Logic, and Asking Questions, Mel Shultz 173

10 It’s All About Adding Value, Curtis Oakes 184

11 Analyzing the Deal, or Adventures in Real Estate, John Finney 200

12 Real Estate Due Diligence, Scott McPherson 222

13 Creating Value from the Inside Out, Kim Dalton 233

14 Financing for Real Estate Investors, Scott McPherson 251

15 Lease It and Keep It Leased, Craig Coppola 262

16 The Perils of Careless Property Management, Ken McElroy 276

PART 3: Creative Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

17 Getting from A to B Without Paying Taxes, Gary Gorman 293

18 No Down Payment, Carleton Sheets 306

19 Marketing: Your Ticket to Finding and Profiting from Foreclosures,

Dean Graziosi 326

20 Entitlements: The Sleeping Giant of Real Estate Profitability,

W. Scott Schirmer 341

21 The Tax Lien Investment Strategy, Tom Wheelwright 371

22 Horse Trading: The Original Way to Wealth on the Great American

Frontier, Wayne Palmer 390

23 How to Create Retail Magic: A Tale of Two Centers,

Marty De Rito 409

PART 4: Lessons Learned

24 What One Property Can Teach You, Kim Kiyosaki 433

25 In the Beginning . . . , Donald Trump 451

26 What Is the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned From Your

Father About Real Estate?, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump 458

27 Overcoming the Fear of Failing, Robert Kiyosaki 466

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