The Science of Goo

The Science of Goo. From saliva and slime to frogspawn and fungus. Sách hình ảnh dành cho trẻ em giúp trẻ khám phá các chất nhày, chất dịch từ cơ thể động thực vật.



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From sticky snot and slimy snail trails to stretchy toy slime and giant fatbergs, goo is found just about everywhere. Whether it is sticky, slimy, slippery, or sludgy, goo is fascinating stuff.

Like fingers sprouting from the ground, these fiendish fungi have blood-red tentacles covered in a dark, foul-smelling goo that attracts insects.

Female frogs lay their gooey, jellylike eggs, called frog spawn, underwater. Some species can lay as many as 100,000 eggs in their lifetime.

Grab a tissue! You constantly make gooey gunk in your nose and throat. In fact, each person produces as much as 3.2 pints (1.5 liters) of slimy snot every day.

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