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The Secret Pulse of Time Making Sense of Life Scarcest Commodity

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“A witty, engrossing journey through the science, culture, concept and nature of time, the latest from German science journalist Klein (The Science of Happiness) is a treatise on temporality brimming with insight. . . . Sure to give readers fresh perspective on their everyday lives, Klein’s concepts are well illustrated in copious examples from literature and popular culture, and Frisch’s fluid, flawless translation makes his text as captivating as it is enlightening.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “[Klein’s] scientific approach is an important difference between The Secret Pulse of Time and pop psychology books that simply tell one how to think and behave. What we’re getting here is good advice validated by cutting edge data and research.” —Providence Journal “Time [has] new meaning in this book based on aspects of all the sciences.” —Desert Morning News “Excellent, authoritative reading.” —The Midwest Book Review “This is not some simplistic ‘how to make the most of every day’ book. . . . Klein does an excellent job of explaining how physiology and interaction with the world and the cosmos itself create our perception of time.” —Choice

“A delightfully readable examination of our society’s obsession with the clock and the calendar. Stefan Klein’s The Secret Pulse of Time is a gem in the realm of popular science.” —The Advocate, Pegram, Tennessee “The author of the best-selling Science of Happiness now tackles time, approaching the topic from many angles: physiology of circadian rhythms, psychology of memory and perception of time, and physics of relativistic time. There is a substantial body of work on time management and commentary on the increasing speed at which we live, but this title is unique in addressing questions such as how we perceive time and why we often feel we don’t have enough of it.” —Library Journal And Praise for The Science of Happiness “[H]appiness is something you can practice—that you can get better at—not just a passive experience that happens to you. . . . Stefan Klein, PhD, asserts that people are ‘programmed for positive feelings’ . . . and you can strengthen the circuits for positive feelings by seeking out situations that make you happy. In effect, happiness can become a self-reinforcing habit. . . . As for what makes people happy, friendship and love trump money and status.” —Andrew Weil, MD

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