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Từ khóa: big ideas simply explained, Sociology Book


The Sociology Book

Nằm trong series Big Ideas Simply Explained, The Sociology Book giải thích mọi vấn đề về xã hội học, lịch sử các mối quan hệ giữa con người trong xã hội. 

Đặt in màu tại HoaXanh. 

  • 175,000đ
  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: THE110617
  • Tình trạng: 2

Humans are social creatures. Throughout our evolution, from our days of foraging and hunting animals, we have tended to live and work in social groups, which have become progressively larger and more complex. These groups have ranged from simple family units, through clans and tribes, villages and towns, to cities and nation states.

Our natural inclination to live and work together has led to the formation of civil societies, which have been shaped by the increasing breadth of our knowledge and sophistication of our technology. In turn, the nature of the society we live in influences our social behavior, affecting virtually every aspect of our lives.

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