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The Uncommon Entrepreneur

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Starting and Operating your own small business. A Successful business for $10,000 USD Cash. 

What is a Small Business? 
Types of Small Businesses 
Can Small Business Compete? 
Why Businesses Fail 
The Pros and Cons of Operating you own Business 
Three Critical Questions 
Five Key Ingredients for Business Success 
Case Analysis 
Case 1: The Decision 

What Type of Business Organization? 
But Where Will I Obtain the Money? Financing the Business 
Time Management 
Critical Path Scheduling 
Factors Affecting Sales 
Predicting Sales 
Case 2: Hot Dogs!!! 

Cost-Benefit Analysis 
Risk and Insurance 
Coping with Risk 
Finding an Agent 
Types of Policies 
The Accountant 
The Lawyer 
The Banker 
Entrepreneurial Style 
The Payroll System 
Computers and Small Business 

Government: Friend or Foe? 
Other Government Related Areas 
Government Publications Worth Taking a Look At 
Business Ethics
Minimize Those Taxes 
Buying an Existing Business 
The Franchise Option 
Case 3: Herbert's Variety Store 
Case 4: Barb's Blues 

Eight Quick Tips 
Collect Those Accounts Receivable 
The Inventory Count 
Choosing Your Location 
Where to Set Up: The Home Versus Office Dilemma 
What's in a Name? 
Who Will Your Customers be? 
Preparing a Marketing Plan 
Case 5: Joan's Stuffed Dolls 
Case 6: The Jonson Saga: Part 1 

How I Hate Those Numbers! 161
Profit or Loss? The Income Statement 161
The Balance Sheet 164
Case 7: Jim's Fix-It: Part 1: Bookkeeping 169
Case 8: Jim's Fix-It: Part 2: Planning Your Cash Flow 175
Case 9: The Jonson Saga: Part 2: The Break Even Analysis 182
Case 10: A Case on Wood and Stuff: Ratio Analysis 188
Case 11: Jill's Crafts 194
Part VI
The Business Plan 197
Conclusion 208
Appendix I: Case Solutions
Case 1: The Decision 209
Case 2: Hot Dogs!!! 210
Case 3: Herbert's Variety Store 212
Case 4: Barb's Blues 213

Case 5: Joan's Stuffed Dolls 215
Case 6: The Jonson Saga: Part 1 219
Case 7: Jim's Fix-It: Part 1 221
Case 8: Jim's Fix-It: Part 2 223
Case 9: The Jonson Saga: Part 2 229
Case 10: A Case on Wood and Stuff 232
Case 11: Jill's Crafts 234
Appendix II
Glossary 240
Appendix III
Index 246
The Contest 250
Charts, Checklists, Exhibits, Graphs, and Tables
Starting and Operating your own Business 23
Entrepreneurial Self-Survey 29
The Business Cycle 34
The Product Life Cycle 36
Partnership Agreement Checklist 42
Comparison of Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations 46
Sales Prediction Checklist 59
Total Payroll Sheet 76
Employee Payroll Sheet 77
Comparison Chart of Business Options 118
Accounts Receivable Table 126
Physical Count Card 130
Perpetual Inventory Control Card 132
Inventory Control Checklist 136
Location Checklist 139
Home Versus Office 143
Space Valuation 145
Marketing Mix Strategies 151
Sample Income Statement: Non-Manufacturing Business 164
Sample Income Statement: Manufacturing Business 165
Sample Balance Sheet 168
Trial Balance Worksheet 176
ABC Ltd.: Income Statement 177
ABC Ltd.: Balance Sheet 177
Cash Flow Worksheet 183
Break Even Graph 187
Break Even Formulas 188
Business Plan Chart 204
Business Plan Checklist

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