The World's Best Massage Techniques

The Complete Illustrated Guide Innovative Bodywork Practices from Around the Globe for Pleasure, Relaxation, and Pain Relief.

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Touch is our earl iest sense, primal and pleasurable. Being able to ski llful ly touch a person you care about is a great blessing for both of you. You can provide your child, spouse, parent, sibli ng, or friend with comfort, relief from discomfort, relaxation, harmony, wel lness, and balance. Are you one of those "touchy-feely" people who can't recall a time you were not massaging other people's ach ing necks or backs? Perhaps you'd like to try some new techniques and are curious about the differences in massage from various cu ltu res. In this book, you wil l learn how to ski llful ly apply a wide variety of techniques from other cu ltures and enhance the wel l-being of those with whom you share massage. We cannot touch without being touched, and th is applies at al l levels: physica l, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and relational. One of the great blessings of massage is that the giver frequently receives as much benefit as the receiver. For that reason, we often refer in this book to the person receiving the massage as your"partner:' Th is book is not intended as a manual for therapeutic massage, which is best left to certified and licensed individua ls, nor is partner meant to indicate a level of intimate relationship.

These massage techniques are meant to be used for relaxation, stress relief, and wellness for healthy ind ividua ls. If your partner has any health problems, a physician shou ld be consu lted to provide a re lease for her to receive massage. The techniques are not meant to be treatments but rather to enhance the general well-being of the people you care about. If you find there are parts of one form you and your partner enjoy, there is absolutely no reason why you can't integrate those parts with another massage modality. I highly recommend you learn the Swedish massage sequence before the others and especially before hot stone massage and lomi lomi. As you read each chapter, set up a practice area and keep the book at hand. Try a form several times before moving to the next one, so you really get a fee l for each modality of massage. Four of the forms are practiced on a mat and four are table-based, but you can adapt most to mat or massage table. To understand some of the less-fam il iar terminology, please refer to chapter 9 before you continue with the specific forms of massage. There, you wi ll also find useful information about setup and preparation for massage.

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