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Thriving in the Workplace 7 Books in 1

Sách dạy toàn diện về kỹ năng làm việc nơi công sở, cách quản lý bản thân, quản lý thời gian, xử lý áp lực trong công việc, nâng cao kỹ năng giao tiếp. Đây là cuốn sách cần thiết cho các bạn trẻ chuẩn bị đi làm trong công ty nước ngoài.

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Book I: Key Business Skills to Enhance
Your Chance of Success 
Recognizing the Hallmarks of Success 
Gearing Yourself Up to Get Results 
Goal Setting Made Easy
Being an Integral Part of a Team 
Negotiating to Get What You Need and Deserve 

Book II: Getting Organized and Managing Your Time:
Smart Ways to Preempt Problems 
Peas in a Pod: Organization and Time Management 
Focusing Your Efforts, Prioritizing Tasks, and Blocking Your Time
Setting Up and Maintaining a Productive Workspace 
Defending Your Day from Interruptions 
Overcoming Procrastination 
Putting an End to the Perils of Paperwork and Data 
Fine-Tuning Organization Skills with Technology 

Book III: Taking Charge of What You Can
Managing Yourself: Taking Care of No. 1 
Managing Meetings 
The Fine Art of Delegating 

Book IV: Get to the @#% Point!
Communicating Effectively 
Telling It Like It Is: The Fundamentals of Communication 
Listening Actively 
Speaking Assertively
You’ve Got Mail: Communicating Electronically
Taking Advantage of the Spotlight: Giving Effective Presentations 

Book V: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Navigating
Tricky Workplace Relationships and Situations 
Understanding Offi ce Politics
Preventing Problems with Business Etiquette 
Staying Cool When Confl icts Arise
Dealing with Diffi cult Bosses and Co-Workers 
Handling Confl ict Constructively 
Serving Your Customers and Hurdling Challenges 
Managing Ethical Dilemmas at Work
When Worlds Collide: Managing Change on the Job 

Book VI: Managing Stress in Stressful Times 
De-Stress at Work (And Still Keep Your Job) 
 Letting Go of Tension
Quieting Your Mind 
The Secrets of Stress-Resistant Thinking 

Book VII: Going Further to Get Ahead: Certifications and Courses to Enhance Your Value
Discovering What’s Available Online 
Debunking Myths about Online Education
Using ePortfolio to Track and Tout Your Accomplishments 

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