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Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros

Sách tổng hợp tất các hình mẩu đồ thị (chart patterns) giúp người đọc tra cứu nhanh khi cần thiết, tốn ít thời gian hơn so với Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, hay Bộ sách 4 cuốn của Al Brook. Sách in bản đẹp, rõ ràng tại HoaXanh. Bìa màu cán màng và ép keo nhiệt.

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This book is designed to show the patterns independently and provide trading examples of every pattern. Oscillators and momentum-based indicators have not been included. It is important that the reader fully understand just the pattern and its intra-bar relationships, and other indicators may obscure the actual understanding of these patterns. I have studied oscillators and have built excellent strategies to trade with them, but I have had much better success when I rely on solely on patterns. Hence, I have not included any oscillators in this book. I do not mean to say that oscillators and momentum-based indicators do not work-they do work with the right mind-set at the right time. Obviously, I am biased toward chart patterns and truly think they are far more reliable than momentum- or oscillatorbased indicators.

Don't read this book- MAKE MONEY WITH It Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros by Suri Duddella is one or I hose rare opportunities to build o base of knowledge that can toke you further each lime you trade. Suri hos laid out on indispensable tome on !roding chart patterns based upon his real-life experiences in o formal that will work well for the spectrum of

investors - from novice to expert. Trade Chart Pottems Like The Pros slays focused and does not overwhelm you with mathematicol stockslics and technical jargon lhal will surely tum you off."

" ... Suri's "trader-sense" perspective helps you idenlify o pattern and apply the relevant techniques to enter. manage and exit the trade. Each of his 65 patterns includes o brief synopsis written in plain Englislh and on oc!uol chort 10 reinforce the concepL no1 o conven! en11y drown perfec1 example !hot never occurs in reo! life. Suri explains the se1up ond !hen provides the enlry poinl triggers os well as an exit strategy with torgel5 for"proliloble trodes ond stops to minimize any tosses."

" ... Suri's pracHcal approach will give you insights !hot will moke it harder to lose. Great investing books never sit on 1he bookshelf- !hey slay al yoU1 side as a !roding partner ond I con lhink or no belt er trader to 1,ave at my side than Suri Duddella. Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros is destined to become one of those rare TA books that you spend less time reading and more lime uslng to MAKE MONEY."

--- Michael Sleinhordl, HEDGEfolios tounder

--.. Anyone who hos hod the privilege of lrodlng alongside him will Jell you that Suri's trading

skills ore second to none. He is consis!ent and disciplined, but what sets Suri apart is his ability

to find and explol1 regular market patterns.

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