Trend Forecasting with Intermarket Analysis

Trend Forecasting with Intermarket Analysis Predicting Global Markets with Technical Analysis by Louis B. Mendelsohn, Jim Wyckoff.

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Trading in a Global Economy

One Constant Remains

Market Evolution

Brave New Exchange World

Emerging Economic Forces

Crises . . . and Opportunities

Who Wins? Who Loses?

Technical Analysis for Today’s Markets

Focusing On One Factor

What’s the Market Trend?

Play the Markets or Time the Markets?

Strategies That Anticipate, Not React

Typical Route to Technical Analysis

Learning Painful Lessons

Following the Herd

Taking Off Technical Analysis Blinders

Maintaining a Broad Focus

Chart Patterns: Building Blocks of Technical Analysis

Charting The Action

Different Looks, Same Analysis

Chart Patterns

Chapter 4: Technical Indicators: Enhancing Price Patterns

Predictive Nature

Trending Versus Momentum

Moving Averages

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)


Relative Strength Index (RSI)

True Strength Index (TSI)

Indicator Deficiencies

Chapter 5: Using Intermarket Analysis to Gain an Edge

Tapping A Different Data Stream

Why Intermarket Analysis?

Intermarket Analysis in Equities

Intermarket Analysis in Futures and Commodities

Futures, Equities Tied Together

Market Leads and Lags

Early Intermarket Analysis Failures

Improving Your Vision

Beefing up With Intermarket Analysis

Mining Intermarket Data With Neural Networks

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

Enter Intermarket Data

Enter Neural Networks

A Model of the Human Brain

The Learning Process

Tailored for Each Market

Caution: Don’t Overtrain

Using Intermarket Data for Predictive Indicators

The Road to Reliability

Predicted Neural Index

Predicted Strength

Predicted Moving Averages

Predicted Crossovers

Predicted Differences

Beating the Lag

Early Warning Actions

Predicted Next Day Highs and Lows

Predicted Momentum Indicators

Putting Predictive Indicators to Work

Playing The Odds

Multi-Market Confirmation

Applying Predictive Indicators to Trading Strategies

Trading Strategy Premises

Breakout Strategies

Momentum Trading Strategies

Momentum Indicator Strategies

Trading With Options

Strategies: Final Words

The Synergistic Trader

Accepting Technological Advances

Maintaining the Push for Accuracy

Suggested Reading

Important Internet Sites



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