Value Investing in Growth Companies

How to spot high grow businesses and generate 40% to 400% returns

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Chapter 1: The Making of a Value-Growth Investor

The Common Journey of New Investors

Short-Term Trading to Long-Term Investing

Growth Investors

Value Investors

Value Investors versus Growth Investors

Value-Growth Investors

Warren Buffett’s Journey

Value-Growth Investors

Definition of Growth Companies

Common Misconceptions about Growth Companies

Why Value-Growth Investing?


Chapter 2: The Secrets of Successful Value-Growth


Healthy Thoughts Lead to Sustainable Results


Chapter 3: The Jigsaw Puzzle—Four Pieces to Value-

Growth Investing

The Jigsaw Puzzle Model

The Art and Science of Investing

Looking for the Right Information

Information Released by the Company

Information from Outsiders


Chapter 4: Business—The First Piece of the Puzzle

Understand a Company’s Business Model

Simple Business

Circle of Competence

Going Beyond the Limit

Competitive Advantage

Knowing the Competitors

Think Like a Customer through the Scuttle-Butting


Finding Future Growth Drivers

Understanding Risks—What Can Go Wrong?


Chapter 5: Management—The Second Piece of the Puzzle

Management Forms the Cornerstone of a Business

Criterion 1: Trustworthiness

Criterion 2: Candid in Reporting

Criterion 3: Aligned with Shareholders’ Interests

Criterion 4: Track Record/Experience

Criterion 5: Visionary Managers


Chapter 6: Numbers—The Third Piece of the Puzzle

Numbers Do Not Lie

Numbers to Look at When Reading the Income


Numbers to Look at When Reading the Balance Sheet

Numbers to Look at When Reading the Cash-Flow



Chapter 7: Valuation—The Fourth Piece of the Puzzle

The Valuation of a Stock

Price-to-Earnings Ratio

Price-to-Earnings-to-Growth Ratio

Discounted Earnings Model

Margin of Safety


Chapter 8: Screening—Buy—Monitor—Sell

Screening (Using Numbers against Competitors)

Buy, Monitor, and Sell

Buy, Buy, and Buy

Monitor, Monitor, and Monitor

Sell, Sell, and Sell


Chapter 9: Portfolio Management for Growth Companies

Understanding Your Portfolio

Types of Diversification

The Sky Is the Limit


Chapter 10: Avoid Common Mistakes

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