When the market moves will you be ready Peter Navarro

When the market moves will you be ready Peter Navarro. How to profit from major market events.

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This is the guidebook for today's most potent, strategically advanced event-trading technique.

'Macro' events play a large part in determining movement in markets, sectors, and individual stocks. Often these events are preceded by signals that a price-impacting event is about to occur. The key to success is using those signals to determine your buys and sells.

Techniques to determine the direction of the market, sector trends, and stocks within those sectors; exercises, review questions, checklists, and more to prepare you for macrowave investing; and the three-point break method - a tool to identify trend reversals and the profitable points at which to buy or sell.Financial markets are driven by the emotions, and reactions of investors to headline reports and events. "When the Market Moves, Will You Be Ready?" shows you how to use the predictive strength of macrowave investing to determine when such events will occur, the impact of these events on the market, and the sectors or stocks that will help you profit from the aftermath. 'This book takes a wonderful 'bifocal' look at investing. 

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