World War II Map by Map

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This is the most compelling work of military geography I’ve ever seen. It’s a testament to the titanic scale of the conflict of 1939–1945, which dwarfs all others in world history. The ferocity of World War II— the level of its violence and the cost in human life—almost defies description: up to 80 million deaths; some 20 million on the battlefield; and around three times more than that among civilians caught up in the firestorm of bombing and all-embracing warfare on land, sea, and air. What these maps explain in intricate detail is the mobility and speed with which mechanized armies could sweep across vast areas, and with which warships and aircraft could inflict destruction at ranges never before dreamed of. No earlier conflict has demanded such comprehensive mapping. No other conflict has been as challenging to the cartographer. Each of the pivotal moments of the war is marked by more movement and the exercise of more industrial might than in any previous war. It is maps such as these that can help us to envisage the scope, the size, and the sheer pace of Hitler’s blitzkrieg, which crushed the Low Countries and France in the spring of 1940. Other instances of mass mobility are illuminated for us—the see-sawing of the rival armies in North Africa in 1940–1943, the great leap across the Mediterranean by Montgomery’s and Patton’s armies from North Africa to Sicily and Italy, the lightning Nazi assault on Stalin’s Soviet Union, and the astonishing turnaround after Stalingrad in 1942–1943. Perhaps most dramatically of all, we can see the greatest seaborne invasion of all time on D-Day in June 1944. This book also reminds us that the war enveloped Asia. It describes the great naval battles of the Pacific that followed Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This was, in President Roosevelt’s words, the “date which will live in infamy,” propelling the US into the war. More than anything, it was the commitment of America’s industrial might on the side of the Allies that spelled the end for Germany, Italy, and Japan. The set of maps describing the desperately hard-fought and costly series of battles that finally consumed Japan’s short-lived Pacific empire is an essential guide to the understanding of the massive task that confronted the US forces. This comprehensive picture of World War II is enhanced by further maps and features that illustrate the state of the world before and after the fighting, and the wider social, political, and economic aspects of the conflict. We also get a glimpse of the kind of mapping that was available to military commanders at the time. I’ve long been fascinated by the way good maps have helped me and other commentators explain the ups and downs of warfare. This book is right at the forefront of that great enterprise.

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