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Everybody Writes new edition

Everybody Writes, completely revised and expanded with 10% funnier. Your new and improved go to guide to creating ridiculously good content.


  • 145,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: EV2116
  • Tình trạng: 2

Funny, insightful, and profoundly transformational. You can’t say that about any other book about the craft of becoming a better writer and a more brilliant marketer.” —Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker

“Writing is a skill, not a talent. That’s great news, because it means it can be learned. And who better to teach you the craft of commercial and professional writing than Ann Handley. This book will go a long way to helping you share your ideas and make an impact.” —Seth Godin, author, This Is Marketing

“I never thought Everybody Writes 2 could top the original, but it does. With apologies to Top Gun: Maverick, this is the best sequel. Absolutely indispensable! Buy a copy for all people who use words for any reason.” —Jay Baer, author, Hug Your Haters

“There is no better way to become an exceptional writer than to spend a few hours inside of Ann Handley’s head. Everybody Writes v.2 (it’s 43.5% funnier) allows you to do just that and more. I LOVED every minute of it.

It’s a must for anybody. . . because everybody writes!” —Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group

“This clear-sighted framework will teach you to be a better writer. It makes this daunting topic so approachable, that I got excited just to write this blurb. No joke.” —Andy Crestodina, Cofounder and CMO, Orbit Media Studios

“Here it is—the modern writer’s handbook, finely tuned to meet the needs of today’s extremely weird world. This book is the coach, cheerleader, and no-nonsense friend every writer should have by their side.” —Beth Dunn, Marketing Fellow at HubSpot and author, Cultivating Content Design

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