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How to Write and Sell simple Information for Fun and Profit

Your Guide to Writing and Publishing Books, E-Books, Articles, Special Reports, Audios, Videos, Membership Sites, and Other How-To Content.

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“If a recognized authority said to you, ‘You can write a nonfiction book on a topic even if you possess only what I call “thin credentials,” would you believe you actually can? “Believe. That’s because the authority is Bob Bly. Bob Bly has the unique ability to show us what we may have thought is creatively impossible is not only possible but logical. “If ever you’ve had—and suppressed—the urge to write a book or an article or an ad or a mailing or an online presentation, grab this book and devour it. It just might be the catalyst that changes your life.” —Herschell Gordon Lewis, author of Internet Marketing: Tips, Tricks and Tactics “This book contains the most detailed, concise, and useful information I’ve ever found on earning a six-figure income as a writer. I anticipate that the in-depth, how-to secrets in this book will be worth well over $100,000 to me in the next nine months alone.”

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