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Swing Trading for dummies 2nd Omar Bassal

Identify promising markets and sectors to trade. Figure out how to profit from short-term opportunities. Manage risk at the portfolio and security level.

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Just what is a swing trader? Swing traders hold positions over several days and sometimes for a few weeks. The goal of swing trading is to profit from short but powerful moves.

Swing trading differs from the buy-and-hold approach to investing.

Long-term investors may hold a security through periods of weakness— lasting weeks, months, or even years — figuring that the tide will eventually turn and their investment thesis will be proven correct.

Swing traders don’t care for such poor performance in the near term. If a security’s price is performing poorly, swing traders exit first and ask questions later.

I wish I could tell you that swing trading is fast and easy and leads to overnight profits that will make you an instant millionaire. Perhaps you have seen ads about a quick path to profits by following a “proven” or “secret” system. Or maybe you’ve seen a “news story” of an elementary school teacher that became a millionaire trading stocks during her lunch break. These ads and stories are alluring — people really want to believe them.

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