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Trigger Points

Use the power of touch to live life pain free - Amanda Oswald. 


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  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: TRI092704
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In my clinical work, I see many people experiencing a wide range of chronic pain conditions. Many have found their way to me after years of suffering, rounds of medical treatment, and eventually being told they will just have to live with it. I work with these clients to identify their trigger points as the first step to successfully relieving their pain and treating their condition. My journey into trigger points started with my own chronic pain and a quest to heal myself. I spent many years working in stressful jobs, alternating long hours with vigorous sports including rugby and long-distance running. Like many people, I dismissed the warning aches and pains that came and went from time to time. Eventually, I developed a prolapsed disc. The pain forced me to stop working and abandon the leisure activities I loved, so I accepted an offer of surgery. Afterward, although I could move again, the pain remained and could not be explained medically. In my efforts to heal myself, I retrained and qualified first as a massage therapist then as a sports-massage therapist. I went on to more advanced bodywork techniques, and during my studies, I heard about myofascial release and trigger points. Suddenly, everything made sense. I learned how trigger points can be found in all areas of the body and cause a wide range of seemingly unrelated symptoms, and ever since I have made it my mission to pass on techniques for self-treating myofascial trigger points.

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