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The Secret Science of Price and Volume

Techniques for spotting market trend, hot sectors, and the best stocks.

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Putting it All Together

Step 1: Reading Market Sentiment

Step 2: Evaluating Breadth, Volume, and Momentum 

Step 3: Picking the Strongest Sectors 

Step 4: Selecting the Strongest Stocks 

My Path to Successful Trading

Becoming a Broker. First Foray into Technical Analysis. A “Student” of the Market. An Incomplete Picture. Understanding Market Time Frames. “Discovering” Wyckoff

Price and Volume Relationships

My Trading Methodology. Time Frames and Trading . Taking a Top-Down Approach. Aligning with the Market. Physics of Price and Volume Analysis. Determining Buy and Sell Signals Using Ord-Volume

Price and Volume Relationships

Volume Analysis at Swings. Trading Gaps with Volume Comparisons

Combining Ord-Volume with Swing

Price and Volume Relationships. Combining Ord-Volume and Volume Relationships. Understanding Volume Pushing Price and Time Frames. Using Longer and Shorter Chart Time Frames. Summing It Up: Swing Price, Volume and Ord-Volume. The “Wind at Your Back” Method. Finding Market Direction

Breadth Analysis

Volume Analysis

Momentum Analysis

Sector Analysis and Stock Analysis

The Importance of Sentiment 

Sector and Stock Analysis

Investor Sentiment Helps Pick Market Turns

Summing It Up: The Consensus of Indicators 

Gold Stocks: The Big Picture

Reading the Price Relative to Gold Ratio (PRTG)

Elliott Wave Analysis in Gold

Using “Third Time Up” and Volume Analysis

Applying Breakout Analysis 

What Lies Ahead for Gold 

Concluding the Gold Discussion



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