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A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis Read the Book then Read the Market

Hướng dẫn phân tích mối liên hệ giữa giá và lượng giao dịch trên thị trường tài chính. Đây là quyển sách nền tảng của Anna Coulling. Nằm trong bộ sách 4 cuốn của Anna Coulling Volume Price Analysis Across The Markets.

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Bộ Sách 4 Cuốn Volume Price Analysis Across the MarketsA Complete Guide To Volume Price AnalysisForex Trading Using Volume Price AnalysisStock Trading And Investing Using Volume Price AnalysisInvesting And Trading In Cryptocurrencies Using Volume Price Analysis.

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis explains everything you need to know to apply VPA in your own trading. Each chapter builds on the next, working from first principles on both price and volume before bringing them together, using simple and clear examples. Suddenly as you delve deeper in the book you will begin to understand the insights that Volume Price Analysis can deliver for you, in all markets and in all timeframes.

Chapter One : There’s Nothing New In Trading 1

If you thought that Volume Price Analysis was a new concept. Think again. This was the approach used by the

iconic traders of the past, such as Charles Dow, Jesse Livermore, and Richard Wyckoff. These traders built

huge fortunes using this technique, using nothing more than the ticker tape, pencil and paper. Here I explain

how they achieved their success, and how little the concepts have changed in over a 100 years.

Chapter Two : Why Volume 9

Not an unreasonable question. In this chapter I explain why volume is the ONLY leading indicator, which

when combined with price, truly reveals the future direction of the market. In addition, volume reveals

something EQUALLY important. Whether the price action is valid or false.

Chapter Three : The Right Price 14

The second component which then creates the explosive combination, of VPA. Price on its own simply

reveals the buying and the selling. What it never reveals is the extent of any future price move, and more

importantly whether that price move is a fake move.

Chapter Four : Volume Price Analysis - First Principles 23

Here I introduce the b/fopleasic building blocks of Volume Price Analysis. In simple terms we are really only

looking for one of two things in our analysis. Either a confirmation that volume and price are in agreement, or

an anomaly, where volume and price do NOT agree. This is then our first warning signal of a possible


Chapter Five : Volume Price Analysis - Building The Picture 38

In this chapter I explain the concepts of accumulation and distribution which underpin Volume Price Analysis.

These occur in all time frames and in all markets and are rounded off with the firework display, which is the

selling or buying climax. This marks the end of the campaign and the start of a new trend. All we have to do, is

follow the insiders, and buy and sell, when they are buying and selling. In this chapter you will discover how to see

this for yourself in any market.

Chapter Six : Volume Price Analysis - The Next Level 58

Here we start to build on the concepts from the previous chapter and begin to look at VPA in action using the

three most powerful candles. In addition I explain stopping volume and topping out volume, as we start to

build our VPA knowledge into a complete approach to market analysis.

Chapter Seven : Support And Resistance Explained 73 Support and resistance is one of the cornerstones of technical trading. Yet when combined with volume, this essential technique becomes even more powerful. Few traders ever discover how to identify when the markets are moving into a congestion phase, or equally important to validate when they are breaking out. In this chapter you will discover both! Chapter Eight : Dynamic Trends And Trend Lines 86 Forget traditional trend and trend lines. By the time these are developed you are just getting in when the smart money is getting out! In this chapter you will learn how to create dynamic trend lines, which when coupled with VPA get you in at the start of the trend, and NOT at the end. If you have ever struggled with the concept of traditional trend theory, this is for you and will revolutionize your trading. Chapter Nine : Volume At Price (VAP) 94 Volume Price Analysis or VPA is one thing. Volume at price of VAP is something entirely different, and which gives you a visual and instant picture of the density of volumes at price levels on the chart. This is so powerful, it’s amazing more traders don’t use this approach. After all, a breakout from one of these regions means one thing - a new trend! And when confirmed with VPA - money! Chapter Ten : Volume Price Analysis Examples 101 Here we examine some ‘worked’ examples across various markets in detail. See VPA applied to stocks in the cash markets, currencies in the spot FX market, indices in the futures markets and commodities using tick charts. In fact virtually every market and type of chart from tick to time based charts, all detailed and annotated for you. If you still need to be convinced, I hope this chapter will do it for you! Chapter Eleven : Putting It All Together 116 Now it’s time to pull all the elements together. In addition I explain some of the most powerful congestion patterns which have worked consistently over 16 years of trading, and when combined with volume, give us simple and clear trading opportunities - provided you can be patient!

Chapter Twelve : Volume And Price - The Next Generation 126

In the final chapter I introduce some of the latest developments in Volume Price Analysis, and where this

methodology may go in the future. Charles Dow and the other iconic traders of the past would love these

extensions of their original work.

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